WebP Image Converter - Boost your page v2.3.3
WebP Image Converter - Boost your page v2.3.3 WebP Image Converter - Boost your page v2.3.3

WebP Image Converter - Boost your page v2.3.3

Version: v2.3.3
FREE Download: only VIP Registered users

With this module for OpenCart you can automatically compress your .jpeg and .png images to WebP format to improve page load speed of your webstore.
You can significantly reduce the weight of images (about 3-4 times) without losing image quality. You can also adjust and select the percentage of image compression.
It means your website becomes 75% faster on image loading. And this gives a significant advantage over your competitors.
Main Features:
- Auto-create: the webp image is automatically created, you don't need to do any operation, once extension is installed and enabled all working automatically without your additional actions
- Cached webp image: the webp image version is saved in cache, so once it has been generated there is more processing on your website to display it
- Pre-load: you can pre-generate all the webp cache so there is no latency on first time an image is reached
- No webp support fallback: if a browser doesn't support webp format then the original .jpg or .png image is displayed instead
- No original image alteration: your original images on the site are not changed
- Install anytime: the module will work even for you already updated image, no need to re-upload everything
- Server resources: spare server resources by transferring smaller images, so not only web pages are loading faster, but server itself will be also more responsive and be able to handle other process quicker
- Improve SEO: search engines are considering the speed of web page load in their ranking, image loading can be a big part if they are not optimized
Compatible with OpenCart versions: v2.x - v4.x

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